• High Quality, Safe Gym Flooring Solutions
  • Multi Purpose Flooring With Great Elasticity
  • Functional fitness flooring in a Range of colours

JCW Gym flooring offer high quality flooring solutions

Fitness flooring solutions

JCW Gym Flooring provides fitness flooring solutions for use in schools, colleges, weight lifting gyms, leisure centres and commercial health clubs. Materials are functional, low maintenance, durable and provide optimum value for money.


JCW Gym Flooring can help with the high demands of athletic and recreational activities whilst being practical and fit for purpose. Our range of rubber products for the indoor fitness sector can be used in areas where safety and longevity is paramount, whilst still providing a high performance and seamless installation.


Whilst we know that the above considerations are very important, we also realise that these final floor finishes have to be aesthetically pleasing, so therefore the JCW Fitness Flooring range is offered in varying colours using EPDM granules to suit your budget and your interior designs, with materials coming in various thicknesses, JCW have everything covered.


Fitness Gym Flooring (FGF)

JCW gym flooring is the ideal solution for fitness requirements, offering high quality, safe flooring solutions to meet the needs of the fitness and sports sectors.

Fitness Base Flooring (FBF)

JCW fitness base flooring is the ideal solution for fitness gym and gym hall shockpad requirements. FBF is used as a shockpad layer below PU, acrylic and rubber roll flooring

Fitness Tile Flooring

JCW fitness tile flooring is the ideal solution for fitness gym requirements. Tile flooring offers high quality, safe, colourful floor solutions to meet the needs of the fitness sector.

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Fitness Flooring Applications

Our flooring range can help in all of the following locations.


Lifting and ultimately dropping of heavy weights is inevitable in a gymnasium. Repeated impact can damage the sub floor if not adequately protected.

Sports Halls

Indoor sports halls need to facilitate multiple sporting requirements in a confined area with high footfall. High performing and durable flooring is required.

Leisure Centres

Leisure centres place huge demand on their facilities being open throughout the year from 6am till 10pm requiring high performance flooring solutions.

Fitness Studios

Fitness studios require a flooring solution that is elastic enough to absorb high impact forces, but safe enough to perform dynamic movement.